Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Project

I've always loved to write, and my whole life I've received positive feedback about my work.  However, since I've finished grad school, I haven't done very much of it.  Thus, I launch this blog.  I don't want to lose whatever skills I have, and the only way to maintain and to build upon those skills is to do it.  So, here goes nothing.  

I posed the question to my Facebook friends asking for writing prompts to help me get started, since part of why I haven't written is because I have trouble these days finding things to write about.  I used to just come up with stories upon stories, but that's not the case anymore.  In any case, this is what my Facebook friends came up with as my catalyst: 

*How has your time in Vienna altered your life? 
*why u so dumb? 
y u so dumm
*I like turtles. 
*A memoir in the mind of household objects, like the toaster is depressed because te blender won't return his calls.
*Document your preggo dreams, maybe even elaborate on them.
* "He/she was the last person I had expected to see again in my life, yet there he/she was." 
*How Januka and Dhana Pati got back together? (fiction)
*How Ted Mosby finally meets his wife
*Your version of what happened to Doc Edward's podium (Doc E was my Sr. English teacher in HS).
*School lunches. You wouldn't believe how much writing material you get out of writing about school lunches.
*Introduce yourself through your cat's perspective.
*Write about the phrase "I'm Okay."
*Beardie Chris's hobo story
* "It was an ordinary day . . ."
*still, why u so dumb? 

Thanks for all the responses!  These will make some great (and some not-so-great--thanks, jerks!) places to start.  

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